Sunday, 1 January 2012

Blog #4 "I'm Off to the shops"

Hello. This blog was from Friday February 11, 2011. This was a very exciting time for me so please excuse my spelling.
Also; I wish everyone a safe and relaxing New Year.


As those who have been following my blog are aware
Today is the big day
In an hour il be off to the aquariums in search of my new albino axolotl!

I am going to get 2 axolotls, One white and one black.
Im hoping they won't fight and are playful and mate with eachother :D

My setup is a 3 foot tank by about 1 foot width. Ive thrown in some gravel as well as feeder fish and 10 Cray fish. Erm, Make that 4 cray fish. One of my brothers fish i let into the tank sort of ate the other 6.
But hey thats what there there for. So with no real news to give you guys until a couple hours, here are some fun axolotl facts

1. Axolotls or Mexican Walking Fish are a type of water salamander commonly found in mexico.
2. They are a great pet for teenagers or people who want somthing different.
3. Axolotls come in different colours, but mainly WHITE, Luestic, Gold, albino and black. Expect various shades of these types.
4.When an axolotl is deprived of water to live in, it goes through a metamorphosis in which they evolve into a lung, air beathing salamander

5. Axolotl is the juvenile or young form of a salamander. They remain in this form there whole lives and can even breed in this form.
Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, Check back next time where il upload pics of the new little addition to my household.



  1. Are those really fish?
    Because they look like salamanders to me hehe.
    Also the colors hurt my eyes! try to use plain white text, just a tip though!

  2. Can't get over how cool they look :p

  3. those look so awesome!i want one

  4. your a funny guy brah! love it now following!

  5. It's quite risky to put tankmates to axolotls especially crayfishes who could hurt them even by beeing eaten as they have a hard shell. How big are your axos nowadays?