Monday, 2 January 2012

They're here! They're Finally Here! (Blog #5)

Hello. This post was from Feburary 12th, 2011. It was the day i got my axolotls and because of the hype
i created myself in with the blogging and everything, it was honestly one of the most exciting and rewarding days of my life. At this point, my blog was really looking up. I was getting more and more attention every day.
I exclaim that the axolotls were not even 2 months old, but i later learned that the axolotls actually reach 6 months of age before they are even shipped to the fish aquarium shops, placing these axolotls at at least 7 months old.
Enjoy :)

Aristotle my first albino, axolotl.

What your looking at is front row pictures of my new fish!

Today i managed to pick up 2 Axolotls at an aquarium!
They were 32$ Each and are 1.5 and 1 month old, respectively.
I am to believe that Ari is an Axanthic Axolotl. Im not sure on the genders of both of them though. I also bought a thermomintor to test water temperature, Axolotls (In the summer) need to be kept at a constant temperature ranging from 16-20 degrees Celsius.
With water bottles frozen to ice, i keep placing bottles in to thaw out into the water and reduce the temperature. They both seem extremely playful and they Snap the food right out of your hand. as the week goes on i wish to handle them a little more and teach them fully how to Snap the food so they can learn how to eat live earth worms i place in the tank. I also bought a plant for $4.50 and a huge log to hide in for 20$
 Axolotls have poor eyesight and so there getting use to there new eyesight. They're also very excited they are in a new, much bigger, gravel infested. Caves and places to hide ridden, Tank. Will post more good pictures as i see them, until then guys.

Below is a picture of the 2nd axolotl, Sagee.

This is Sagee. My wild type axolotl.


  1. Just started following, i'm excited to see how your fish turn out!

  2. Happy 2012. He looks great

  3. They look adorable! All the best in the new year.

  4. I had no idea these things even existed. Post more pictures!

  5. They look like monsters from a futuristic alien horror.
    Which makes them so much cuter :3
    i want one of them, or more than one

  6. pretty cool !never seen these before :)

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