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This post was from Monday, Feburary 14th , 2011 when i discovered that axolotls can metamorphosis.
I have a bunch of updates to tell you. Long story short is that i have a refurbished my tank with ALOT of new jazz and i will explain them in future posts.

Hi guys, so im going to split my blog up into 2 sections from now on. The Red section will be about daily news on my own little axolotls and the blue section will be just about facts or cool things about Mexican walking fish you didn't know. So you can skip the facts and find out about how my pets are doing or vice versa:Note: These colours are subject to change, but the facts will always be on top.
 Some Axolotls have a wierd little ability. Usually when there out in the wild lakes of mexico, the Axolotl can develop lungs, harder feet and walk out of the water and become full land creatures. Kind of like a little lizard.
About 1 in a 1000 will do this in a fish tank, but there are some ways to try and force the effect.
The most common myth on metamorphosis  the Axolotl, would be to lower the water levels slowly in the tank and force the fish to morph. Although 90% this does not work and you end up killing the fish.
Some people believe that exposing Axolotls to an element. I.e. Iodine would help it that extra step, but because it is extremely poisoners, i do not recommended you do this to your little guy. Just enjoy him the way he is, but one day when your not looking he may decide to morph on you. And that 300$ Tank is a waste of everything.

Oh well, just another way these little guys are so awesome.

Day 2:
The Axolotl's are settling into there new habitat with minor worries.

Aristotle *The white one* has been non stop swimming around and bumping his nose into the side glass of the tank. I think hes either really excited to be in a bigger environment then that of the crowded aquarium tank. Or maybe he just wants to get out. At least hes getting heaps of exercise and its better seeing them swim then laze around being the bottom dwellers they notoriously are.
Sagee: Sagee *the grey one* has been mopping around at the bottom of the tank. Ive been feeding them both daily, and i hope to not over feed them. Sagee looks sick but it may be just home sickness, or fright of being in this new big cage. (Damn, She looked active in the aquarium) Hopefully she stays steady and bursts into energy in the following days.
None of them seem to swim inside the 20$ log i bought them and Ive been keeping the water temperature at a constant 19-22c. with frozen water bottles.

Im trying to maintain 19 degrees Celsius 100% because temperature fluctuation are worse then it being too hot. I hope Sagee is not stressed.
Some people asked how much all up was the expenses. If you look in the paper or online you will find breeders sell there axolotls cheap. Around 10$ or so.
But anyhow
Hiding log, plant, gravel, tank, filter, 2 axolotls, food.
All came up to about 200$ (Australian)

But the tank was a bargain at a private seller. Aquariums are expensive i only suggest going to them for plants and food.

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  1. I was beginning to wonder what was going on with these guys, and i hope the grey one starts to move around more!

    Will we get shots of the whole aquarium in future posts?