Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Life update #21


This isn't actually 21, but whatever. Its summer so I'm just trying to update this once a day using the blogger app on my iPhone.

I haven't even seen my blog on the web in months so I'm not sure how all of these posts are getting formatted and such. I know I'll have to change the layout and delete most of the acolyte crap change the name and shut, I'll do it this weekend I suppose.

Anyway about the fish fry, successfully in their new tank with no parents do we'll see how they bide. There's like 20 and I guess by Friday they'll be free swimming.


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Angel Fish Breeding

Okay so I had 4 angel fish in my community tank. They paired up and started going at it, we had to move the less dominant pair into a tank on their own and both pairs laid eggs. The eggs in the community tank didn't make it because other fish ait Dat shit but the eggs in the tank with just two in it hatched today and I'm reals exited.
Gonna start feeding them baby brine shrimp tomorrow and hopefully we,ll have 50 piece cent sized angelfish. Will update blog tomorrow because it's summer and I want to start blogging more about fish and life n shit so yeah, gonna remove all that axolotl stuff too.