Sunday, 22 January 2012

Personalize and Decorate your Tank. (Blog #7)

Personalize and Decorate your Tank.

Hi. this post is from Feb 19th 2011, and is about decorating your tank. The picture below is NOT my tank its some image from Google. There are about 7 more of these old axolotl posts before i will begin talking about my current fish. I blog once a day, i hope you enjoy!

Decorate your fish tank, any type of fish will look stylish with these tips. 
You need to have some layering on the bottom of the tank.
Whether this is gravel or sand, a bottom layering is essential.
For specific, Axolotls, require bigger then pea size gravel, as they have a tendency to swallow them. They require pebble sized rocks much larger then pea sized. I have spread said rocks out making 2 layers for them over my 3 foot tank and they seem to love it just fine. Bare glass is impossible for them to get a grip on and can be stressful and some times. Sand is also a risky choice as it can lead to murky water every time the fish moves. Make sure when first purchase of your gravel you rinse out the rocks in water a few times so all the dirt rubs off. 
Definitely throw some plants in the tank. As long as you have a light suitable enough for your tank, even if you don't plants are a good way to have more oxygen flowing through your tank and some plants only need a few hours of artificial light a day. Be careful you don't buy anything too expensive though, axolotls might have a tendency to nibble on the leaves if they get a touch hungry.
Caves and hiding places are essential for all axolotls, they need to have a "Hidey hole" for those times they don't feel safe. You can pick up some plastic logs from your local aquarium for medium price. You can also pick up other things that don't necessarily provide a spot to hide in, but add some attractiveness and spice to the tank. Having a mixture of these is great and will make your axolotl feel right at home.
Choosing the right filter for your tank is essential. Make sure you get one that can pump the the right amount of water for your size tank, if you have a tank, it is a stupid idea to get a 500 liter pumping filter.
**Update** Day 5:
Shit! I got home from work and i put in a bottle of frozen water into the tank (I do this during summer, put bottles of ice in the tank to defrost and cool down to the right temperature for the fish) and the bottle dropped down and clipped Aristotle, lying directly beneath it. He scattered away instantly and i dont think he was hurt, just the sudden fright of death from above. Sagee is being more active, she walks around and swims more then she use to. I hope that means shes getting use to this new environment. Tomrrow is going to be fun, im going to buy Earthworms from the aquarium and test out feeding LIVE WORMS to the axolotls. It will be a true test to there sence of smell and movment to try and catch them, its also a good idea for me to vary there diet as they have been eating nothing but frozen blood worms for the last week. Untill tomrrow, Thanks for reading. Im a whole lotl axolotl.



  1. Looking forward to the new posts!

  2. your posts are great
    keep up the good work :)

  3. Filters are extremely important to the health of your fish. I've lost a few fish in my day from the dreaded sucking device.

  4. aristotle looks like a cool dude, lol following

  5. I love this! Followed!....Reminds me of my buddy's frilled dragon, ragecage, except this guy looks a bit more eccentric :P

  6. Ohhh this is soooooo wrong!! You should NEVER add gravel or even pebbles to an axo tank!! They can swallow them up and die from occlusion! And sand doesn't dirt the water at all if it has been carefully washed before being added to the tank! It's also way easier to clean a sand bottow tank than one with pebbles and dirt between them.