Saturday, 31 December 2011

Blog #3

Hello. This post is from Thursday,  Feburary 10th. I don't know why i said i was going shopping the next day, thats a lie. I went shopping on the saturday.
For those asking for pictures of my Deceased axolotl, i'll include it at the bottom :)

Hehe i go axolotl shopping TOMRROW. Cant wait
Tonight I:
Got my brothers Oscar fish and placed him into my tank.
Just for the night, My new fresh bigger habitat will be a treat to that fish while my brother starts his full cleanup of his murky old tank. I also get a little more safer environment in the tank untill MY fish comes.
So in the tank i have
20 Feeder fish

6 small cray fish :O
and 1 medium sized oscar!
Cant sleep tonight im so excited, as always, il see you tomrrow when il be able to post ALL my fish pics.

(Sagee, wild type axolotl)

Aristotle, Albino type axolotl

Both at about 7 months of age


  1. wow those things look so weird!!!! but they are awesome

  2. yea, they are pretty awesome to be honest. :)

  3. LoL. funniest looking fish I think i have ever seen! :D

  4. You got cute little axos but the substrate is extremely dangerous for them as they could swallow it and die from occlusion. I recommend you to replace by fine sand not containing any quartz. Quartz is sharp and can cut. Sand is fine enough to go through their digestive system if they swallow and it's way easier to clean than gravel!