Saturday, 21 January 2012

Appropriate food for the Appropriate Pet. (Blog #6)

Firstly let me clear somthing up. I do not own axolotls anymore, they died, they're gone, and i do not plan on getting any new ones. I have refurbished my tank with new fish and some HD photos will be coming soon when i explain all about it in a few days. What i'm doing at the moment is copying all the old posts about axolotls from my old blog to this blog. What you see in white is some information i researched and am lecturing to you, what you see in RED below that is an update from a year ago about how my axolotls are doing. I plan to follow the same structure one i run out of these old axolotl post's.

This blog post was from Tuesday Feb 15, 2011.

Axolotls are carnivorous creatures. Out in the wild they learn to eat anything from smaller fish to some insects. In pet stores or at the home aquarium, Axolotls diet vary depending on there age. It is important to keep a mix and variation in diet, so the axolotl does not get bored and puts off eating.
Ive started my little guys off on half a frozen blood worm pellet a day. Basically you keep them in the freezer, pop one out, cut in in half and hand feed half to each of them. The axolotls snap the delicious food out of your hands. But usually some blood worms tend to swim away and not get eaten. They will only eat the whole chunks of worms and if individual worms break off they will not get eaten today, rather, rot inside the tank. Axolotl also eat Frozen Beef Heart, Sinking axolotl pellets, other meal worms and brine shrimp. An important thing to note is: Axolotls might become food for other fish! Some fish look at the pretty frilly gills of an axolotl and cant help themselves but give it a little nibble. *Note* Axolotls dont have teeth and for the first couple months of there lives they go through a cannibalistic stage where they can not be kept with other axolotls!

Day 3.
Aristotle seemed fine last night, but when i came home today i noticed he was floating around the top of the tank. Usually he swims everywhere as fast as he can and then rest a little bit, but then jumps back up and swimming. Today he was floating at the top as if he lost his boyancey.
Sagee is lazing around and i dont even worry about her anymore.
All she does it stand at the bottom of the tank for hours at a time, And when i walk out of the room she will move position.

I fed them both half a blood worm pellet and Aristotle ate it right and quick.
Sagee had some trouble, i think it was frozen on the middle and hard for her to swallow. She spat out little bits of worms here and there. Man i got some cleaning up to do.
Untill tomrrow guys



  1. That sucks to hear. Maybe you could get something a little less hard to take care of?