Saturday, 31 December 2011

Blog #3

Hello. This post is from Thursday,  Feburary 10th. I don't know why i said i was going shopping the next day, thats a lie. I went shopping on the saturday.
For those asking for pictures of my Deceased axolotl, i'll include it at the bottom :)

Hehe i go axolotl shopping TOMRROW. Cant wait
Tonight I:
Got my brothers Oscar fish and placed him into my tank.
Just for the night, My new fresh bigger habitat will be a treat to that fish while my brother starts his full cleanup of his murky old tank. I also get a little more safer environment in the tank untill MY fish comes.
So in the tank i have
20 Feeder fish

6 small cray fish :O
and 1 medium sized oscar!
Cant sleep tonight im so excited, as always, il see you tomrrow when il be able to post ALL my fish pics.

(Sagee, wild type axolotl)

Aristotle, Albino type axolotl

Both at about 7 months of age

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Blog post #2

Hello. An introduction to this post:
This post was originally posted on Tuesday the 8th of Feburary, 2011.
This was 4 days before i actually got my blog, although it talks about nothing and has no pictures, i feel that these early posts were a strong part of establishing what i hoped to acomplish on my blog, and this one, so i've decided to post them, however mispelt and gramatacally incorect as they may be. Enjoy.

One day closer, baby.

My axolotl is only 3 days from arrival! Today i let in 4 small feeder fish into my 3 foot tank.
This is so that they can release ammonia into the tank and set up the biological filter. They (produce amonia when they sucesfully pass out digested food through the other end)
They will swim happily for 3 days until ARI comes in and eats them all up. Or mabey he will be a nice axolotl and let them be, but i doubt it
Oh well, untill then guys. See you soon
-Aristotle the Axolotl 


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Before i bought my axolotl:

Hi. Just an introduction to this post: This was from Early February of 2011, Before i actually got my axolotls. The post recalls the tale of a Saturday when i purchased the fish tank. Enjoy!


Hey guys. So heres a little intro blog
I just recently purchased a tank for 89$ australian dollars.
I got gravel and a filter for 50$
And my new 3 foot tank is set up and running.
Tomrrow i will be adding in FEEDER fish into the tank to help set up the bilogical filter, and this saturday i will be purchasing 2 albino Mexican Walking fish
"Aristotle and Destry"

Ari and des as i will refer to them will be my first ever fish i have taken care of on my own, And this weekly blog will feature tips tricks and pictures of the cute little guys.

Thanks, and see you soon with my first update.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Introduction Not Necessary


I'm Josh.

In February of 2011 I created a little blog called Aristotletheaxolotl.

This was because, in Feburary, I obtained 2 little axolotl's (one named "Aristotle")  and decided to share them with the internet having learnt about blogging.

I posted information about axolotls, pictures, and updates on how my own fish we're getting along.

These we're the first axolotl's i had owned. So, Sadly, 1 short month later, that axolotl(s) died.

After the deaths of my fish, i saw no reason to continue blogging to you all, and soonly lost intrest all together.

However, with the start of the new year, i have decided to Clean out the fish tank and get some new fish in there. I am still contesting whether axolotls will be appropriate or not.

I will be moving the posts from my old blog to here, (day by day) however, because of the huge number of followers i had on my old blog, i do not wish to delete it entirely.

There. Now thats established. We can get to blogging.