Thursday, 29 December 2011

Blog post #2

Hello. An introduction to this post:
This post was originally posted on Tuesday the 8th of Feburary, 2011.
This was 4 days before i actually got my blog, although it talks about nothing and has no pictures, i feel that these early posts were a strong part of establishing what i hoped to acomplish on my blog, and this one, so i've decided to post them, however mispelt and gramatacally incorect as they may be. Enjoy.

One day closer, baby.

My axolotl is only 3 days from arrival! Today i let in 4 small feeder fish into my 3 foot tank.
This is so that they can release ammonia into the tank and set up the biological filter. They (produce amonia when they sucesfully pass out digested food through the other end)
They will swim happily for 3 days until ARI comes in and eats them all up. Or mabey he will be a nice axolotl and let them be, but i doubt it
Oh well, untill then guys. See you soon
-Aristotle the Axolotl