Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Introduction Not Necessary


I'm Josh.

In February of 2011 I created a little blog called Aristotletheaxolotl.

This was because, in Feburary, I obtained 2 little axolotl's (one named "Aristotle")  and decided to share them with the internet having learnt about blogging.

I posted information about axolotls, pictures, and updates on how my own fish we're getting along.

These we're the first axolotl's i had owned. So, Sadly, 1 short month later, that axolotl(s) died.

After the deaths of my fish, i saw no reason to continue blogging to you all, and soonly lost intrest all together.

However, with the start of the new year, i have decided to Clean out the fish tank and get some new fish in there. I am still contesting whether axolotls will be appropriate or not.

I will be moving the posts from my old blog to here, (day by day) however, because of the huge number of followers i had on my old blog, i do not wish to delete it entirely.

There. Now thats established. We can get to blogging.


  1. RIP dead axolotl. I googled them and those fishes look really cool! I can't believe you owned one!
    And welcome back!

  2. Hello Hepple, I know we'll get along just fine ;)

  3. Looking forward to the posts being moved, now following!!

  4. Nice layout on your blog man, appreciate a guy who know's style, will be following you from now on

  5. wow i am sorry that happened to you..

  6. Sorry to hear that =( They had Awesome names though.

  7. Hey dude!

    Good to see you decided to just restart.

  8. They're not fishes but salamanders!
    What happened with the axo who died?