Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Before i bought my axolotl:

Hi. Just an introduction to this post: This was from Early February of 2011, Before i actually got my axolotls. The post recalls the tale of a Saturday when i purchased the fish tank. Enjoy!


Hey guys. So heres a little intro blog
I just recently purchased a tank for 89$ australian dollars.
I got gravel and a filter for 50$
And my new 3 foot tank is set up and running.
Tomrrow i will be adding in FEEDER fish into the tank to help set up the bilogical filter, and this saturday i will be purchasing 2 albino Mexican Walking fish
"Aristotle and Destry"

Ari and des as i will refer to them will be my first ever fish i have taken care of on my own, And this weekly blog will feature tips tricks and pictures of the cute little guys.

Thanks, and see you soon with my first update.


  1. Your axolotls are lucky! They have an amazing tank! I can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. Cool looking creatures, never seen them before. Looking forward to some new pics!

  3. hey great blog, now follwing...thanks